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By clicking on the ''find a practitioner'' on the home page you can search by postcode or surname for a practitioner in your area. 

All the practitioners on this website have access to professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover provided by one of the leading medical insurers in the UK - LFC Graybrook

This is by virtue of completing an SPS education programme recognised by the industries Professional Associations

You are always advised to check the qualifications, insurance and membership of practitioners/therapists when seeking help and advice.  You want the individual to ''meet your needs'', understand your issues and to have an empathy with your particular presentation and circumstances.  Therapists have skills & knowledge in a variety of modalities gained through a variety of study options and it can be difficult to make decisions on who might be the most appropriate person for you.  In my experience with 25 years of teaching in this sector and over 35 years as a Chartered Physiotherapist recommendation is often the best route to finding  someone to meet your needs.

Having found the people in your area through our search engine chat to friends & family before proceeding or if we can help you contact us by email admin@spslearn.co.uk or telephone 02920489999

In addition we operate from a multi disciplinary centre in Cardiff at THE Centre, 33 The Parade, Cardiff CF24 3AD with Chartered Physiotherapists, Osteopath, Accupuncturist and Masseurs as well as Hypnotherapy and Councelling practitioners who would be happy to assess, treat and guide you so do not hesitate to contact us if we are accessible from your location.




















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