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Membership Associations & Organisations

Having completed your SPS Education programme which allows you to work as an 'Independent Autonomous Practitioner' in the UK and allows you access to 'Professional Indemnity Insurance' via Graybrook LFC, You may also wish to belong to a membership organisation?

In deciding which association, organisation or umbrella group to join you may wish to consider whether being on a voluntary register accredited through the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) is important to you, and/or the client group the membership association/organisation broadly serves eg sport, complementary medicine, allied health professions etc, based on your own area of work/expertise.  You should also consider the membership fees in relation to benefits offered.

In some instances contract/employed positions ask for a specific association or organisation you should not be 'put off' applying for these roles and stating in your application that if you were successful you would / could meet the criteria for membership.

The following are some of those you may wish to consider.   If you have any queries or questions then please do not hesitate to contact us admin@spslearn.co.uk or 02920489999

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