SPS Sports Performance Services



Sports Performance Services Ltd was founded in 1990 with its formal incorporation in June 1991 to provide sports massage courses and workshops.  Today SPS offers education, skills and training in Massage & Soft Tissue Skills along with other relevant soft tissue related modalities and education for the benefit of individuals whose aims are to improve health and wellbeing for work, sport and leisure activities.

From the outset, SPS’s aim has been to ‘define’ Sports Massage or Massage in a Sporting Environment providing methods & hand-skills, clear guidelines and principles for the use of soft tissue techniques within the healthy active sporting community.  SPS has done this successfully for 25years with course participants graduating with all the necessary underpinning knowledge, training, education, practical skills and work experience to establish themselves as autonomous, fully insured Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Practitioners.

SPS Ltd has been at the forefront of education in Sports, Massage & Soft Tissue Manipulation since its inception.  SPS was the first provider to offer stand-alone sports massage education programmes in the framework for Higher Education Qualifications (FEHQ) in 2006/7

SPS Ltd in addition to its successful Sports Massage Courses has further developed its training and education to offer Advanced Soft Tissue skills and other modalities such as Dry Needling, Strapping & Taping courses to support not only the healthy active sporting community but also those who present with ‘’problems’’, injuries and more specific needs as a result of their underlying health issues. 

Whether you participate in activity for health, fitness, leisure, pleasure or work we have a practitioner or education programme to meet your ‘’need of the moment’’


Vivienne Lancey Chartered Physiotherapist is the author of the Sports Massage & Advanced Soft Tissue Programmes offered by SPS Ltd. Viv was appointed as expert consultant in sports massage for Skills Active, the Sector Skills Council for Sport and Active Leisure, and was the lead author of the national occupational standards for sports massage, which subsequently were accepted as the national standards for all areas of massage in the UK by Skills for Health.  Viv worked as part of a sports massage expert sub group and wider steering group to update National Occupational Standards for Sports Therapy, which informs employment practice and education in the sector across the UK.

Viv has over 35 years experience as a Chartered Physiotherapist looking after ‘’athletes’’ at all levels up to and including elite performers.  An ex welsh international athlete herself and the provider of Physiotherapy & Sports Massage Services to Sports Wales Elite Cymru athletes from 1997-2002 her breadth of experience underpins the SPS courses along with that of colleagues from a wide variety of backgrounds.

In addition to working with sporting communities Viv also worked within the NHS in many hospital inpatient & outpatient departments.  Her final role as a single - handed community physiotherapist managing individuals of all ages with multiple handicaps has provided an invaluable insight into the needs of less active people who are equally keen to maintain their health & wellbeing.

It is this blend of experience applied to the application of massage and soft tissue manipulation skills for the benefit of all that has led to the diversity of advanced experience offered by SPS to its students on its education courses.

Viv has taught within the education sector in colleges, universities and private education establishments since 1984 across a wide range of topics including sports, injury prevention, sports medicine, sports massage, soft tissue skills and sports specific education programmes.